Top five things to do in Matakana


Matakana is right on Auckland’s doorstep. Only a 1-hour drive from the CBD and you find yourself in a stunning coastal town. There are so many things to do in Matakana. Great for people who love, food, wine, art, and the outdoors. Here are our top five picks for things to do in Matakana.

1. Farmer’s Markets

Matakana Village Farmer’s Markets have been a favourite with locals and visitors. Here you will find a bite to eat, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods and other locally made produce. Highlights about this market are that it is zero waste and has a dog minders station. Open every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm.

A more recent addition to the region would be the Matakana Country Park Sunday Market. Find all sorts of handmade goods and enjoy the coffee and food trucks serving hungry shoppers. Highlights of this market would be the horse carriage rides, also look out for the ponies and roosters that roam around the area. They are open during the summer season, be sure to check their socials before heading out.

Matakana Country Park Market
Things to do in Matakana Sculptureum

2. Sculpture Walks

Love art but want to enjoy the lovely weather outside? The Matakana Coast region boasts two stunning sculpture walks. Please make sure to visit Brick Bay and Sculptureum, they both have restaurants so you can enjoy a bite to eat after a long walk and they also serve their own wines.

The Brick Bay art trail boasts large outdoor sculptures and takes you deep into the native New Zealand bush. Sculptureum has a selection of both indoor galleries and outdoor gardens. A true gem in the area to get lost in.

Bookings are highly recommended for dining in.

3. Oyster Farm Tours

This next attraction is often overlooked in other lists of things to do in the Matakana region. But if you are a lover of seafood and especially fresh oysters, this Oyster Farm Tour is a must-do.

Take a boat out to the local oyster farms and learn how to shuck the freshly harvested oysters from that morning. A variety of condiments are provided, and you get to eat as many as you can. The best time to do this would be from May to October when the oysters are in season. Make sure to book ahead, the tours run only when weather permits.

Oyster Farm Tour
tawharanui regional park

4. Tawharanui Regional Park

Located on the eastern end of the Peninsula, this park offers stunning white sand beaches and several walking trails that let you explore the native bush and takes you to locations with breathtaking views. It is worth mentioning that dogs and other pets are not allowed in the park to protect the native bird life. So please make sure to look around to spot any rare species. This is a gated park, please check the opening hours, as they vary with the season.

Tawharanui Regional Park is a must-visit for nature lovers.

5. Wine Tasting

Matakana is home to many boutique wineries. It is a unique wine-growing region as it has coastal influences creating a special microclimate. Many of the cellar doors and tasting rooms serve a selection of platters to go with a wine tasting. All the vineyards are small producers, so many of the wines can only be purchased through their cellar doors. It is a great way to learn more about wine and support small local businesses.

To book your own wine tasting or experience please visit our cellar door at Matakana Estate. Where our staff can take you through our estate-grown wines and guide you through what makes our region so different. Wine tasting is a must-do activity in Matakana.

Wine Tasting Matakana Estate

This list only scratches the surface of the things to do in Matakana. There are plenty more attractions and experiences that make Matakana more than just a day trip. At Matakana Estate we have a stunning lodge that offers group accommodation for up to 10 guests. Plan your trip today with us and stay in the comfort and beautiful surroundings of a vineyard.